Kotlin return Function from Function

With Kotlin, we can define a function that chooses the appropriate logic variants for specific cases and returns one of them as another function. In this tutorial, we’re gonna look at how to return Function from Function.

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I. Technology

– Java 1.8
– Kotlin 1.1.2

II. Overview

– To declare this kind of function, we specify a function type as its return type
– To return a function, we write a return expression followed by a lambda, a method reference, or another expression of a function type

III. Practice

1. Helper Class with function

getChargeCalculatorreturns() returns a function that takes an Order and returns a Double.

2. Class for FuncInputType

3. Run and check Result

Run the code below:

calculator1 and calculator2 are functions returned from getChargeCalculator() function.

Check Result:

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